We, people of faith, called by our traditions to compassion have created an organization where we gather in mutual respect, dialogue and cooperative action to provide a connection between communities of faith and the community at large.

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When you think of GIVING this holiday season, think of Interfaith. Over the next 2 months, an expected 6,000 men, women and children will ask Interfaith for help. Interfaith will be providing gifts, toys and traditional holiday meal foods, perishables, toiletries and paper goods to over 600 families in crisis per month, living South Montgomery County. Interfaith Food Pantry is self-sustaining thanks to the generosity of our community food drives and purchases from local grocery stores.

When you give to Interfaith, you are giving to families and Seniors in OUR community. Help us serve our neighbors! We are now collecting Holiday food items for Thanksgiving! Additionally, families will receive a gift card for a turkey!