Host A Food Drive!

Interfaith relies on donations, great and small, and this is especially true for our Food Pantry. Your donations go toward feeding homebound seniors, children at risk of hunger, families who need a helping hand and many more.


Involve your neighbors, your local civic groups, your congregation, or your place of employment. Your food drive can be small and personal or as big as you would like. Be creative and enjoy!


Interfaith creates a monthly needs list that is available at or we can provide you with a printed copy to help you determine what types of non-perishable foods to collect. Of course, financial contributions are also welcome to purchase food items.


Interfaith welcomes food drives at any time of the year, especially during the busiest seasons. During the summer months and the holiday season the need for food assistance increases. Food is provided to families weekly throughout the year. Planning your food drive around a holiday, a season or special event helps to create interest. For example, select a seasonal theme such as Thanksgiving side dishes, a peanut butter and jelly drive or collect personal hygiene items such as soap or toothpaste.


Making a plan to publicize your food drive and encouraging the support and involvement of the community is very important. Whether it is your co-workers, friends, neighborhood, team, congregation or other any other group an inexpensive, simple flier that can be used to help promote your food drive can be very effective. For example, fliers can be distributed at meetings, posted on bulletin boards, put in inter-office mail, or used as an insert in a newsletter or church bulletin. Once a food drive begins, it is important to have collection sites that are in well-traveled and visible areas. These sites also serve as ongoing publicity for your food drive. Place a well-marked container at each collection site. Medium-sized cardboard boxes work well—feel free to decorate! You can use posters provided by Interfaith or create your own.


Food drives are a key resource that the Interfaith of The Woodlands Food Pantry (“Interfaith”) uses to provide food to those who need it most. Many families in our area do not have the financial resources to buy nutritious food to eat. As food prices consistently rise, the number of families that need assistance also rises. During 2019, there were 21,410 individuals who received food assistance from the Interfaith. A food drive is an easy way for you and your organization, business, or civic group to help ease the pain of hunger for our neighbors.

Making Your Delivery

To make arrangements to deliver a food donation, please call Interfaith at 281-367-1230. Scheduling a delivery time assures that a staff member will be available to assist you in unloading your vehicle and to prepare a donation receipt for your records. Interfaith is located at 4242 Interfaith Way.