Value Statement

We, people of faith, called by our traditions to compassion have created an organization where we gather in mutual respect, dialogue and cooperative action to provide a connection between communities of faith and the community at large. We value voices that value others and believe that our shared religious values can lead us to act for the good of all. We declare that our religious life can support us as we respect and care for one another and build a more loving and caring community.

2023 Board of Directors

Mary Anne Whitney – Chair

Julie Mayrant – Vice Chair

William H. Murphy – Ex-Officio

Tony Torres – Treasurer

Justin Kendrick – Assistant Treasurer

Lanny Goad – Secretary

Pastor Bobby Maynard – Clergy Representative

Dr. Mujtaba Ali-Khan

Pastor David Bauser

Ky Bishop

Jim Carman

Todd G. Durkee

Father Jesse Garcia

Rabbi Edwin Goldberg

Dr. Kerrie Guerrero

Parker Kink

Jim Parisi

Reverend Jeff Powers

Amy Reardon

Wade Rogers

Richard Shappard

Pastor Brad Wright

Pastor Rodney Mills

Reverend Mark Sorensen

2023 Board of Advisors

Arthur Bredehoft

Joel Deretchin

Dan Hauser

Brynn Ballard Huntsman

Peter Huntsman

George Lindahl

Ray Sanders

Dr. Ann Snyder

Dr. Debra Sukin

Alex Sutton

Josh Urban

Tim Welbes

Rev. Don Gebert, In Memoriam

Jim Blair, In Memoriam

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