What is a Hometown Hero?

Honoring our Hometown Heroes has been a tradition in our community since 1999. The Hometown Heroes are comprised of residents and businesses or institutions that serve as outstanding role models for volunteerism and dedication to The Woodlands community. Each year a new class is inducted into the Hometown Hero Hall of Fame. A Hometown Heroes is chosen based on the following criteria.

  • Positive role model
  • History of Volunteerism
  • Sacrificing personal gain to achieve noble goals
  • Special awards and recognition
  • Brought positive recognition to The Woodlands
  • Embodies the values of The Woodlands community i.e., family values, the importance of education, the arts and culture, environmental consciousness
  • Economic contributions to the community
  • Leadership and courage
  • Consistent dedication and commitment to worthy causes
  • Representative of the diversity within the community
  • Spiritual leadership
  • Dedication to public service
  • Must be a current resident of The Woodlands, or business/institutions based in The Woodlands